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Siggi And Keith .

Siggi & Keith on Bornholm 2012. Photo is taken by Udo Schroeder

     Siggi And Keith have been playing together now for almost ten years but when one experiences them ,it seems that they both have been playing forever, and before that too.     
      It was in fact almost 20 years ago that SIGGI BJØRNS from ICELAND and KEITH HOPCROFT, (he`s ENGLISH) first met. For many years after this whether it was during the summer gigs in the `røgerits`of Bornholm or in pubs and recording studios of Copenhagen ,they crossed each others paths, finding just enough time to throw a few guitar licks at each other.
     Using simple ingredients such as FOLK,ROCK,COUNTRY and SWING blended together with smoke from 1000 bars and cafés, they have created a potent musical brew, lively and still maturing . These two old ROCK & ROLL`ers can make two acoustic guitars sound almost like a whole band! (Well,,.almost! )
      Siggi`s forte is his voice, anyone who has heard him, never forgets  that sound,, volcanic at times, but also warm and mature when it needs to be.
Keith also has a warm , barsk voice but his strong area is the guitar, cool at times, but excitable and hot when the volcanic vocal eruptions start .
       Experience them if you can, for not only is the music worthwhile but also the entertainment value is` worth writing home about`.
       And remember, this is not playback, this is live!, and most important ,,, this is an art which a certain few have mastered with years of hard work on the road``.


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